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From Executive producers Ryan Johnson (New Rule Productions, American Dragster, ESPN) and Brian Dunning (Skeptoid Podcast and Books) comes The Skeptologists: A team of experienced scientific experts, all well known critical thinkers within their field, take on pseudoscientific and paranormal subjects that are widely accepted as a result of promotion by the mass-media and popular culture.  In each TV episode the team will tackle one or two subjects. They will be joined by claimed experts on the subject who will share their claims and The Skeptologists will have the task of finding out what is the truth!

The stars of the show are experienced scientific experts, all with the biggest and fastest-growing audiences from Internet sources such as iTunes, Discovery Magazine, and TWiT.tv who take on pseudoscientific subjects and confirm or debunk the perception of the subject on scientific grounds.

The show will follow a real-life “Watch-as-it-happens” style that will bring the viewer into the process of investigating and experimenting.  The interaction with the cast will at times be comical, dramatic and even conflicting. The audience will go on a journey with The Skeptologists as they work their way through the episode. Each show promises to be an amazing, dramatic and entertaining ride through science, technology and critical thinking.

television as you know it is about to change

The audience is speaking:

The Skeptologists have collected over 2,500 emails of support!  TV viewers are clamoring for a show that embraces thinking and engages their mind!

“The Skeptologists” TV Series

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